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For Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators that want to build a business around their love for travel and creativity.

For Travel Brands that need marketing and media strategy to showcase their products.


Due to the growing concept and awareness of being paid to travel, many individuals want to pursue this lifestyle. Getting started and staying consistent are the hardest parts about content creation as a business. 

Business In Travel helps Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators 


  1. Develop systems for consistency

  2. Maximize digital footprint with quality content

  3. Turn creative travel media into a sustainable business


Travel brands need creative marketing strategies that will help them stand out within their sector of the Travel Industry.

Business In Travel helps Travel Brands 

1. Develop creative strategies using marketing and media tactics 


Bicycle in Asia

Our Services


Accountability Club

Business In Travel accountability club is for Travel & Lifestyle content creators that are determined to meet their creative business goals. Who share knowledge and experience that helps others solve problems and create ideas for success. Join the club and engage in goal setting, networking, collaboration, feedback, and co-working.


1-on-1 Strategy Calls

Creative travel marketing call to define goals, strategies and tactics for Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators and Travel Brands that drive results.


Accountability Calendar

This blank accountability calendar (List and Calendar view) tracks your weekly routine to help you balance projects. Establishing routine systems allows Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators to focus on consistency.

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