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Traveling with a newborn | First time as a new mom
Shanay Braxton

Traveling with a newborn | First time as a new mom

Tips for traveling with a newborn 1. Wear a nursing top so that your boobs are easily accessible 2. Feed the baby during take off and landing to keep their ears from popping. 3. Pack multiple changes of clothes just in case of a blowout 4. If possible, feed and change the baby in the nursing room in the airport before board the plane. There is way more space and privacy. 5. Chill in the mother's nursing room if time allows. If you don't, its fair game for the airport employees lol. I've experienced this before. 6. Check the babies stroller and car seat at the gate. Subscribe to Shanay Braxton: Subscriber count at upload: 916 Business: — WATCH NEXT — My Life While in Morocco Travel the World With Me: Start a creative Business In Travel: How to be a Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator: International life experiences: Design Living: -- LINKED MENTIONED -- Avoid blowouts with these cloth diapers — LET’S BE FRIENDS! — Blog: Instagram: @shanaybraxton TikTok: @shanaybraxton Facebook: — CONTACT — — MUSIC — #ALCreator — CHANNEL HANDLE —
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