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Business In Travel
Gear Grant

Business In Travel would not be where it is today without grant funding. Who ever came up with the idea to offer grants to businesses truly understood the power a business has on economic and community development. Take me for example, prior to receiving my first grant, I funded Business In Travel using my personal income. That meant that the money I earned from my 9 to 5 was transferred monthly to my business account to cover expenses. Now that I've received two substantial grants I don't have to worry about using my personal income to operate Business In Travel. That has been a tremendous blessing, especially since I am a new mom and can use my personal income on baby expenses.

Since grants have been such a valuable asset in developing Business In Travel I want to pay it forward by offering a Gear Grant to Travel & Lifestyle content creators. The audacious winner of this gear grant will receive tangible items to help move their business and brand forward. 

Travel & Lifestyle content creators are always in need of high-quality gear to help them narrate captivating stories about the people and places they visit around the world. Trust me I completely understand that gear has to be updated and purchased periodically in order to keep up with your content schedule so I am here to help.

Many of us entrepreneurs understand the value of grants so Business In Travel has teamed up with NoBasis, a customizable apparel business that will also be gifting the grant winner customized swag with your branding. How cool is that? Not only will you receive a $250 cash grant to purchase gear needed to run your content creation business, you will also receive 1 canvas tote bag, 1 t-shirt, and 1 notebook with your branding.

Scroll down for the application and other guidelines to qualify for this grant. 

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Here are the guidelines to qualify for the Business In Travel Gear Grant.

The club will hold you accountable to your goals, give you access to opportunities to partner with brands and more.

Submit an application

The application will take about 5 minutes to complete. Scroll down to apply.

Attend 1 live workshop 

Once you are in the club you will be emailed about upcoming workshops. You must attend a workshop before the application deadline of 12/31/2023.

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Gear Grant Application

Please take a moment to complete this grant application. The deadline for submission is 12/31/2023.

Thanks for applying for the Business In Travel  Gear Grant! The winner will be announced by January 12, 2024.

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