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Dear Content Creators...

Are you a local business looking to be a part of Travel Trade?


This is an exclusive opportunity to partner with Business In Travel to be included in a tour package that will be crafted to highlight local businesses in LA. 


Hi, my name is Shanay, the founder of Business In Travel. The content marketing agency that partners brands with content creators to help drive revenue into the local tourism economy.


Let us bring the world to you.


I want to add your product to this tour package that can be presented at Travel Trade shows. The package that we will curate together will launch the week of May 3, 2024. 

  1. Are you open to participating in this opportunity?

  2. Can you please complete the marketing assessment so that I have a clear understanding of the stage of your marketing plan? (only takes 5 mins)

Tourism Marketing Survey

Which social media platforms are you using to grow your following?
How long would you like to partner with a creator?
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