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Accountability for Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators

Updated: Apr 3

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Hello Travel & Lifestyle content creators, let's talk about accountability and why it's important for us.

What is accountability? It is...

  • Acceptance of responsibility for one's actions

  • A willingness to be judged on performance

  • Assigned to something one is supposed to do

  • Traceability of actions performed

Now that we've covered our basis, did you know that Business In Travel is the go-to place for Travel & Lifestyle content creators to be held accountable for growing their business and brand?

Currently, there are six of us actively working together to help each other meet our individual goals, share knowledge and experiences to solve problems and create ideas for success.

How does Business In Travel help Travel & Lifestyle content creators? It helps by offering the following:

# 1 Concept Validation

person sitting near Moroccan rugs

Publishing content to grow your influence as a Travel & Lifestyle creator takes courage. An accountability group like Business In Travel supports and gives feedback for creators to work through their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When I started my first travel blog during Peace Corps one of my challenges was a lack of community and confidence in my ideas for my blog, so I never published it. When I decided to pick myself up and start again I made sure to connect with like-minded creators to help me stay consistent while establishing myself as a Travel & Lifestyle content creator.

# 2 Stop - Start - Repeat

This is a safe space to have real conversations about what it really takes to build a business as a content creators. The hard truth is that your business may need to focus on specific activities more than others to take it to the next level. Collectively we have open discussions about what is working and what is not working for our content and growth.

We challenge each other to engage in revenue-producing activities. Identifying this can be a hard pill to swallow because oftentimes we enjoy the activities that we need to STOP vs the activities that we need to START and REPEAT in order to generate revenue to sustain our creative businesses.

# 3 Learn and exchange knowledge

Business In Travel is a connection to a global network that is expansive in our thinking and world views. The advice we share is based on our experiences as Travel & Lifestyle content creators. Individually we offer extremely valuable knowledge to sponge off of one another, which is why this mastermind is by invitation only.

Business In Travel is a mastermind club for Travel & Lifestyle content creators that want to build a business around their love for travel and creativity.

Now that you've heard it from me, watch the video below to hear all that Marie has to say about her experience with Business In Travel.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog!

Until next time!


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