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Insights from the Gear Grant Winners Revealed

The grants for creators that keeps you storytelling.


We had the pleasure of awarding Jasmine from the Jazzy Nation with the 2023 Gear Grant. Here is what she had to say about herself and her brand.

How do you help the people in your community?

I share helpful content and travel resources about travel, living abroad, and motherhood.

Tell us what inspired you to start your brand?

After my husband and I got married, we moved to Morocco. I began teaching English, which was a blessing at the time because it helped me navigate challenges, especially when I was homesick and dealing with culture shocks. I needed a community to help me deal with what I was going through, and because I couldn't find many people I connected with in person, I decided to create and pave my own path. Doing this allowed me to connect with people online differently. It was a way to share what I was going through and connect with other people experiencing similar circumstances. Plus, sharing my travels, new food experiences, and more helped me learn to love living abroad.

What advice would you share with other Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators?

A piece of advice I would give other Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators is not to give up even when the path seems unclear or uncertain. A passion for what you are working towards is worth pursuing.

How have you benefitted from your participation in the Business In Travel Accountability Club?

I have received so much value from the different workshops hosted. The experts who presented about their businesses have helped me get more organized, and I finally have the clarity I need to move forward with my goals and vision for my business this year.

Where can people connect with you online?

Instagram: @thejazzynation |

TikTok: @thejazzynation



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