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Travel Content Creators Guide For Pitching To Brands

Updated: Apr 3

Hello Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators!

Welcome to Business In Travel the go-to place for travel influencers, creators, and brands that want to expand their creative business through accountability and networking.

Have you ever thought about pitching to a brand but didn't know where to start?

Me too, until I discovered a format and 3 campaign ideas that are easy to pitch.

First, let's cover the format of your pitch and what it should include. You can grab the full format template at the end of the blog.


  • A description of the campaign/collaboration

  • The focus of the campaign that will bring value to your audience


  • Discuss the highlights of the campaign/collaboration

  • The type of content that will be produced


  • Submit content assets with the results at the end


Here are 3 Campaign Ideas for travel & lifestyle content creators to pitch!

Idea # 1

Highlight a specific city, landmark, and/or attractions, to a particular demographic (ex: To highlight Cleveland Downtown as a must-see destination and create content for Destination Cleveland to share on their web and social accounts.

Idea # 2

Increase brand awareness of the Ritz Carlton in Downtown Cleveland to an affluent millennial audience. The call to action would be to encourage direct bookings. The message would be a luxurious youthful atmosphere in the heart of Cleveland.

Idea # 3

To promote a product on 3 trips throughout the year. Each trip could include a new bank of products. Or to promote a product under a contracted amount of time as a brand ambassador.


How would you rate these campaign ideas on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the bomb?

If you want the "Pitch to Brands" template. Then download it below.

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