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Business In Travel Accountability Club Is Going Public

I believe that there are 5 tools that every Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators needs in order to stay motivated on their journey to building a sustainable business out of our love for Travel & Creativity.

The first tool that creators need is accountability

Accountability means being responsible for one actions. This is important because when we do what we say we are going to do to the best of our abilities, then we become one step closer to reaching our max potential.

As a creator I must hold myself accountable to creating content because I would like to be paid for the content that I create.

The more content that I create means that I can develop my skills and improve over time.

The second tool creators needs is weekly goals

Setting weekly goals increases the likely hood of you completing one action item each day in order to publish your content.

The third tools is to be surrounded by like minded creators

Co-working is a great way to this because even though we are working on different projects we are in the same industry.

The benefits of co-working includes

  • Co-working gives us an opportunity to network

  • We can work in a collaborative environment

  • It helps reduce the feelings of isolation

The forth tool is constructive feedback

Receiving constructive feedback, helps improve productivity

  • Promotes personal & professional growth

  • It also initiates communication

The fifth tool is the opportunity to network

  • Networking helps to build and nurture personal & professional relationships

  • Opens opportunities for collaborations and new business

  • Helps boost confidence to start conversations with new people

  • An opportunity to expand our earning potential

Lets do a recap!

Every Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator needs

1. Accountability

2. To set weekly goals

3. To be surrounded by like minded creators

4. Constructive feedback

5. Opportunities to network

Now that we understand what we all need to help us stay motivated on this journey, I am ready to share the announcement.

I created a facebook group for Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators called the Business In Travel Accountability Club. Inside the facebook group we will engage in all of the activities mentioned in this video. This group is only for Travel & Lifestyle Content Creators of all levels and experiences.

This group will be live on Facebook starting Dec 7, 2022.

Click here to join the accountability club.

I look forward to seeing you inside of the accountability club. Let's grow together!

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